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     My head ached and the rest of my body was sore, but I knew I was safe. I felt the blankets on top of me, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the room that surrounded me. I got up and walked around; looking for the person that I knew was here. And I found him.

     "Thanks for the blankets, but couldn't you take me to a bed, the floor is horrible for my back." Ember said, while stretching, to Flame, who was sitting in a chair.
     "Oh, I see you're awake. And I knew would be fine. The neighbors heard something from my house and checked it out to find my entire living room burnt and you laying there one the ground. They wanted to take you to a hospital, can you believe that?"
     Ember fell back into a chair, tired. Then sarcastically said, "Well thanks for not saving me when I could of been seriously injured."
     "Don't mention it. Now, if you don't mind me asking, why is half of everything in my house broken, and my entire living room burnt?" Flame said, all to serous.
     "Oh, about that..." Ember started, embarrassed, "Well, I came to your house and noticed the door slightly open. I looked in and saw a thief breaking stuff. I came in and we fought." As Ember told here story Flame sat quietly thinking. "I ended up having to kill him, and burn part of your house. It was either me or him." Ember said, saddened by the fact that she killed someone.
     "Well then, in that it's a good thing that you killed him, I could have lost something much more valuable."
     Ember blushed, then realizing what he actually meant, asked, "What could be so important, and hold so much value?"
     Before starting Flame sighed, "It's called a Blood Ruby. My family used to have the element of wind, until one of them found this ruby in a mountain. By touching the ruby everyone in my family from his point onward became able to control fire. As time grew on, my family stopped using wind, and became exclusively fire elemental. Through my family it was passed down, and when my parents were murdered, it was given to me. My uncle was old and mate-less, so he figured to give it to me. I became the heir to the ruby, and keeping my family's fire alive. If anyone else ever took it, we would all lose our fires."
     Surprised, Ember stood staring at Flame; knowing how defenseless they would be without their element. Plus how Flame would lose his job if he also was a smith along with a miner, which was pretty common. Finally, she found herself asking how he held such an important task.
     "I'm not really sure, my uncle told me that we got it by destiny, but we probably just lost the rest of our family, and they never found us to decide who should inherit and bare the ruby. I was just the last one left to take it." Flame said, sad by this important task being forced onto him, and knowing not the rest of his family.
     "Wow," Ember said, after he was finished, "So you must keep it in something like a stone tomb right?"
     "Yeah, something like that. I'd rather not go into any more detail though, just in case someone else is looking for the Blood Ruby, and is listening in. It wouldn't surprise me, I've been attacked many times over it, so many people want it. I just don't know how they trace it down to me."
     "Maybe through someone you told it to?" Ember guessed, sounding concerned.
     "Well that wouldn't work; I've never told anyone about it, you're the first."
     "Really, not even Soria?" Ember asked, slightly surprised.
     "Oh, no," Flame said chuckling, "Well, it might not seem like it, but we aren't so close, sometimes we're more like friends then anything else." Hearing that, Ember sighed in relief; Flame noted it, and then continued, "I figured since I've known you for so long, and since you helped protect it, that I'd tell you about it." Flame said, shrugging. "Never the less though they keep coming, and I keep being attacked."
     "Wait..." Ember said thinking back, "That time at the park, back when we were young and we ran into that forest fire, I remember I saw Red fly away once we extinguished the fire. Well, I think it was Red. Do you think he was after the ruby? Maybe he tried to use that as a distraction?"
     Flame got up shocked. "HE DID THAT?? He could of killed us! But... my house was fine after that, not a single thing moved or broken. Why would he do that then?"
     "Maybe he just wanted you dead, it would allow him to search for much longer."
     Regaining himself, Flame sat back down and said, "Well I doubt he'd be scared of me, I could do nothing against him. Besides what could he use it for, I heard he could already control fire."
     "Hm," Ember sat thinking, "Perhaps..." She began, but had nothing. "Well at least we're fine, and Red is imprisoned. But now that I know this stuff about the ruby, I won't be kidnapped and tortured for this information, now will I?" Ember asked, laughing, and not serious.
     Laughing to, Flame replied, "Not after you fought like that against the thief."
     They talked and they laughed until Flame found Ember asleep in her chair. This time, however, Flame took Ember to a spare bed, without quite knowing why.
As for this one, well the first part I wanted to start out in Ember's veiw, and although this chapter is mainly focused on Flame, this is still Ember's Story. :P I'm quite pleased on how this is coming together. Sure it flees from my orginal plot which was that.... actually I saw once the story is done, but it's diffrent, and better. I pretty much can plan the rest of the story now, more or less, not to say that it is, or isn't, close to the end of it. Oh yeah, and I'll asure you, every chapter of my story does play are part in the entire plot. I just hate pointless chapters. Although, this is more common in series of shows that last for a while.

Spyro, Ember, Flame, (c) by Seirra. (aka, not me)
Soria and story (c) by me (aka not Seirra)
This is a fanfic, I base my story off of another story, and tada, I get this. I'm no way working with the Spyro creators... unless i'm unaware of it.
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TimberlineWolf Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Student General Artist
I think you mean "knowing how defenseless they would be without their element."
Kmn483 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
yes, thanks. I often type my chapters very quickly, and I read so fast, its hard to tell if their are any errors.
TimberlineWolf Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011  Student General Artist
no problem. lovin' the story!
Kmn483 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011
:D cool!
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