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    She walked into the store, knowing Rose would yell at her, as she always did. Rosaline, called Rose by Ember, always had a temper towards everyone. She was proud and calmed by her work, but was always annoyed by others. Today was no different. Rose came in from the back of the shop with a basket of Daisies, and saw Ember in the front of the counter, doing nothing in particular.
    "I don't pay you to stand around, or be late." Rose said, setting the flowers into a vase on a shelf.
    "I'm sorry Rose, I just..." Ember started, in response.
    "I don't care what your excuse was, just stand at the counter and await customers until I'm done."
    'I thought I wasn't paid for standing around.' Ember thought, moving to the other side of the counter with a sigh. There wasn't much to complain about though. After all, she was late, and the job pays well for someone so inexperienced. She should be grateful of that, but she wasn't in the mood to be grateful. She pulled up a chair and sat down, staring out the window to see a busy marketplace with many bodies moving past one another in a disorderly fashion. Through the crowd Ember saw a flash of familiar tan and silver, Soria.
    'Great another "friend".' Ember thought to herself. As though in response, Soria turned and spotted Ember. At Soria's side, and holding her paw, was Flame. Ember waved, Flame waved back, Soria leered at Ember in a threatening way. Then she pulled Flame away and out of sight.
    With another sigh Ember returned her attention to her work, which required no attention, since the store currently lacked any customers. From the back of the shop Rose reemerged.
    "Ember, get over to the pottery house near the southern river, our usual spot, and get my vases could you?" As it wasn't a question, Rose handed Ember enough coins to pay for the requested items.
    'Great a long and tiring task for me to do!' Ember thought, as she walked out of the store. The travel to the potter's house was short by flight, but walking back with vases was a tiresome task, and by the amount of money Rose gave her, there would be a lot of vases, and a lot of trips to make. 'At least it will be something to do.' With that thought, Ember pushed off the ground and flew high above the store to glide in the direction of her destination.
    Behind her the sun blazed, the market place buzzed with commotion, and the wind blew ever so slightly. It was an average day... for now.
The fourteenth chapter of Ember's Story. Ah I love hinting...... (E.g. the end)
Wow isn't Rosaline horrible? :0

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
Rosaline (c) by.... no one cares who made or ownes Rosaline, she's mean! (But it's really me, though I don't care about her.)
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