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   Sunlight hit Ember's eyes and she awoke. She sat up, not remembering what happened yesterday until she got a shot of pain across her body. She fell back down as she remembered yesterday's events. 'Curse those fiendish apes,' Ember thought, surprised she thought that aggressively. She also remembered about being fired, and was sad, despite being freed from her jerk of a boss. She figured she should look for a new job today, but as she tried to get up again, another wave of pain struck her. She quickly changed her mind and fell back asleep to let her wounds continue to heal.
    Over the next few days she searched all around town for a job that would pay her good enough. After awhile she even came to Soria to help her, who swiftly denied her too. She found many jobs that would actually hire her, but all gave a significantly low pay. After searching the entire city, she finally settled on a job as a smelter.
    It gave low pay, medium hours, and horrible conditions. She sweated constantly, being exposed to the hot burning coal that she kept alight, and reeked of the smoke that surrounded her, burned her eyes, and dried her throat. This was the best she could find, the other jobs were still even worse or just  not worth the time and pay.
    After her second day at work she was heading home, tired. In her eyes were tears and the remains of the smoke that blackened her body, along with her burns. On the way home she came across Flame, and he didn't have Soria with him.
    Flame started, "Hey Ember!" and then noticing her ash and smoke streaked body, "what happened? Working in a mine now?"
    She stood, emotional and broken by her second day at work. Her eyes filled with tears, this time not because they stung. She was able to respond in a quiet voice, "I was fired from my previous job and now I work as a smelter."
    Flame was shocked as he spat out his reply, with such sympathy, "Oh that's horrible Ember! It must be hard work!"
    "I-it is... my eyes and skin still burn. I barely get paid for my work too! I won't be able to pay for my house at this rate." and she broke into tears, and Flame took her into his arms. They held each other close until Ember calmed down a bit. "I can't go back there Flame." She said, wiping her tears away.
    "Maybe you could get used to it?" Flame suggested, breaking their hug.
    "No! I can't go back there, ever!" Ember said, despise and resentment in her voice.
    "Ok well... maybe you could find a new job?" Flame suggested, as an alternative.
    "I already looked at what jobs were available, but I guess I could try them out, see if I like them better." Ember said, almost hopeful.
    "Well then I guess I'll see you around Ember." Flame said, and with slight hesitation, they hugged goodbye.

    Ember countlessly tried out for jobs over the next few days. She kept Flame up to date on her job search, which was merely which jobs she was able to get hired for, and how bad they were. After about a week since she started her job search, she had no money left and her house was taken from her. She came back to Flame for help and they sat together in the refurnished living room, from after she burned the room in the fight with the thief.
    She told Flame of her new situation, and how she had near to no hope. "I'm out of a job, and have no home!" She cried, obviously, and rightfully, distressed.
    Flame sat quiet for a moment and decided, "I cannot let you leave her homeless. Ember, you can stay her with me, if you wish." unable to leave his good friend under such conditions.
    Ember slowly looked up from starring down at her paws. "You'd let me live her? I can't even pay you for food or rent." Ember said, understanding Flame's hospitality, but wondering if it was appropriate for her to take it.
    "I have enough money to easily comfort two people. It wouldn't be a burden at all if you stayed." Flame replied, glad his wealth could be able to help someone else.
    Ember thought about it for a moment, "I guess I don't have much of a choice do I? Very well then, I'll move in with you." She smiled after saying that, as did Flame.
    "Glad to hear that. I guess we should go get your stuff then. That is, if you need help?" Flame asked, in a lighter mood himself.
    "Thanks, but I don't have all that much. The majority of what I had came with the house." Ember said, remembering where she put her possessions.
    "Ok then, I'll be here when you get back."
    With that, Ember left, and flew to the place where she hid her belongings. Kept in baskets, she was able to carry them in one trip, with only a little difficulty, as she came back to Flame's house.
    She thanked Flame again when she got back and went to her new room. As she entered it, she thought how it would just be temporary; she would get a good job soon and have her own house. Then though, she would have no one to share that home with. Before now she lived alone since she moved to Spiritgrowth. Here she has Flame, the dragon she still likes, and he still has her. 'Maybe this won't be temporary.' She thought to herself, as she imagined how life would be together for the two of them.
Poor Ember! She must be going through so much. Luckly she has such a good friend like Flame.

Spyro (c) by Seirra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal (yeah, I found the actual copyrighter)
Soria and story (c) by me
NDKilla Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Aside from the chapter(s) where Flame and Ember date, and when Spyro comes back, this has got to be one of my favorite chapters, +rep to you.
And +support, +cookie, +chapters (lol hopefully) to you :D
Kmn483 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011
I don't exactly see much specialness into this chapter, more or less a gateway chapter, but I do like how I wrote this sequenmce of events. Well, glad you like it, anyways.
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