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     She reached home; still happy to share Flame's house; and searched for Flame. She couldn't find him anywhere so she went to his door and knocked… No response. Opening the door, she found him asleep on his grand bed, completely at peace. She was uncertain whether to wake him or not. After all, he had no sleep last night, but she figured that he should know immediately. So, reluctantly, she woke him.
     Flame wasn't angry; he was tired, but not angry; and he listened closely as Ember explained the fight that occurred between her and Soria and where she was at now.
Flame got out of his bed and Ember led the way back to the cabins where she left Soria. During the walk the rain stopped, as to be expected from the length of the journey, and Flame yawned while Ember's stomach growled; she still hadn't eaten anything.
     As they reached the two cabins Ember found Blue off the roof and not in sight, with the door to the second cabin open completely. They went into the cabin and found Soliace and Blue looking over Soria, but Soria looked rather strange.  On her forehead a purple symbol glowed, and on her arms, extending from her claws, were root-like lines that glowed the same purple color. Soria's eyes remain closed, but her breathing was now relaxed and seemingly normal.
     "What happened to her?" Ember asked, startled by the purple marks.
     Soliace turned around, not surprised by their presence. "I'm glad you came back. And I take it that this is your friend, the one you left to get?" She took note of Flame, an odd look in her eyes. Ember nodded and Flame began to introduce himself, but was interrupted. "After you had left, Soria began to tremor with unease as though she was locked in a nightmare." Soliace said as she turned back around to once again face the unconscious dragoness. "I called Blue to get you, but he told me you were already gone. As Blue came inside, Soria bolted upright with her eyes open, then fell unconscious again, with those strange marking covering her scales. I tried to find the source of them, but I can't discern any origin, or purpose." She said as she shook her head. "It's unlike anything I've ever seen."
     Flame and Ember both looked at Soria with concern, but remained silent, unsure of what to say or do. They pulled up two chairs and sat at the bedside as Soria's marks dulled whenever she neared consciousness, only to glow brightly again as she failed to wake.
     After a long while, it became apparent that it might be awhile before Soria woke up, perhaps the next morning, or maybe in a week. Flame checked if it would be alright to leave her here, and then they left.
     Ember finally got something to eat, and they both got some sleep once they reached home. Flame was weary from getting nearly no sleep that day, and no sleep the night before. Ember was worn out from the fight that took place earlier that day. She was horribly sore as she laid her heavy head on her pillow, and drifted off into a world of dreams. Sadly, this dream wasn't peaceful. She once again found herself in the temple of the Blood Ruby, that was somewhere nearby the place she slept at. Again she found the tomb shake, and once again, events repeated themselves exactly as they had before; but now, it was made clear. This time the gem didn't have to break; but it was just a recurring dream, wasn't it? 'Nothing important about it,' Ember thought as she sought a new dream, one that wouldn't wake her from her dear slumber. Then, she fell asleep; this time at peace.
Here's a short one, I had ready for awhile now, but i save it for a filler. (like now) just when i've been really lazy and didn't want to make anything. So yeah, enjoy this I supose. Hopefully I'll realise my new one soon after I make the ch. after that. ^.^ Oh, and the orginal title was Sleeping without Peace, but it wouldn't fit.....

Spyro (c) by Seirra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria, Soliace, Blue and story (c) by me
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