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     Deep in sleep Ember dreamed of a flame in a meadow. Ember was standing in the field of flowers as the flame approached. The small clump of fire came closer to Ember, not leaving burnt flowers nor a trail of fire, and as it came Ember began to feel a happiness she has never felt before. Soon it formed into a young red dragon, about equal to the age of Ember. "Hi Ember," It said.
     "Hello, I've been waiting for you." Ember replied. But just as soon as it came it started walking away. "Wait, where are you going?" Ember said questioning its action.
     "Away." It said.
     "You just got here!" Ember cried out.
     "No, I never came." It said, now in the voice of Spyro.
     To that Ember woke. Here pillow was lightly wet with tears. 'What time is it' Ember thought. Rubbing her eyes and looking at her clock which read 11:37 so she thought, 'I should probably get up'. And that she did. She went to the lake and bathed, came back, put on her heart necklace, ate breakfast, and sprayed on a little 'special occasion' perfume, then left.
     Though bothered by her dream Ember was able to smile seeing Flame, having one hand behind his back, not to far from her house. "Hello Flame!" Ember said approaching him.
     "Uh, hi Ember." Flame said nervously. Just after doing so he pulled his hand out from behind his back. In it was a bouquet of flowers. Some had red petals and pink centers while the others had pink petals with red centers.
     "Those flowers look beautiful!" Ember said, taking them from Flame's hand.
     "So you ready to go?" Flame asked.
     "Yep." Ember said in her usual happy tone. So off they went through the forest towards the park.
     'Soon we'll be at the park.' Ember thought, just before Flame randomly stopped walking.
     Before Ember was able to ask him what was wrong, Flame asked, "Do you smell that?" And sure enough she could, the distinct smell of a fire. So they started running towards the park, following the path and smell.
     Just as the reached the park a burning tree starts to fall down towards Ember. "Ember!" Flame yells, tackling her to the ground, and just barely making it himself. "Are you ok?" Flame asked.
     "Thanks to you I am." Ember said looking deeply into Flame's eyes. To break the moment another burning tree fell near Ember and Flame making them wince.
     "Come on!" Flame said. "We have to put out this fire!"
     "How?" Ember asked, looking around for something to help. "Since we can breath fire maybe we can inhale it to." Flame said, with a small certainty.
     Flying to some nearby trees Ember and Flame worked together to put the fire out. Ember and Flame came down right next to each other but as Ember touched the ground she started to wobble. Just as she fell Flame caught her.
     "Are you alright Ember?" Flame asked looking at her in his arms.
     "I just need some sleep." Ember said, trying to remain conscious.
     Setting her down, and walking to a picnic blanket nearby Flame said, "This was meant for our picnic but here." Wrapping her up in it. "Thanks Flame." Ember said. Just before Ember closed her eyes she saw the burnt flowers that she dropped when the burning tree almost hit her, fall to the ground. And flying away was a large red dragon.
Sorry it took so long but here it is! Ember's story, part 4: Flames of a date

Please leave comments to tell me what you think and where any spelling or grammer problems are at. Thanks!

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
This is purely fan-made.
DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice chapter :clap:
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DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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