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     Weeks have gone by without Spyro returning home. During that time Ember and Flame have been growing closer and closer through countless dates. But all that was soon to change.
     A scarred and wounded dragon emerged from the teleporter, as though randomly. Falling limp, almost dead, the dragon fell unconscious, after only a few steps in the safety of the Dragon Village.
     "Oh dear." The professor said, emerging on the teleporter pad. 'I didn't think that he was that badly injured.' The professor thought.
     Hearing the teleporter a nearby Ember came running. "Spyro..." Ember gasped, seeing the unconscious body lying on the ground. Looking to the professor she asks, "What's happened to Spyro?!"
     "There was a battle with red and Spyro seems to be badly injured." The professor said in response. "You must hurry and help me bring Spyro to the hospital." He said, walking towards Spyro.
     In room 21A Spyro laid in the hospital's white gown, white sheets over him, white bandages on his body in several places, and white walls surrounding him. Ember was at the side of his bed, back to the door, sitting in a chair, while thinking about how it was a bad idea for Spyro to go.
     Then the blurry-eyed Spyro awoke looking around, surprised to find himself in a building. As his gaze fell left he found the ever-caring Ember smiling, spilling tears of joy from her eyes.
     "I thought you were going to die." Ember cried out.
     "I had to come back." Spyro said, trying to lean up, as the pain forced him back down. "You didn't think that I'd leave you alone did you?"
     As Spyro said that Ember remembered that he didn't know about her and Flame hooking up.
     "Well I'm just glad that your ok." Ember said, crying one final tear that seemed to stay on her cheek forever. Noticing it Spyro leaned up and lightly licked it off her cheek. Blushing madly, all Ember could say was, "Spyro..." in a whisper. Staring deep into Spyro's eyes Ember leaned in closer as Spyro did the same, ignoring the pain.
     The door creaked open as a wide-eyed Flame stood in the doorway, seeing Ember and Spyro locked mouth to mouth. "Ember..." Flame whispered, tears forming in his own eyes.
     Ember turned quickly around to see Flame stammering back. "Flame...?" Ember said, in an ashamed and surprised way. To unbearable for Flame he fled the hospital, tears falling.
     "Wait, you guys aren't...Ember?" Spyro said confused.
     "I'm sorry Spyro, I have to do." Ember said, getting up.
     "Wait Ember!" Spyro said as Ember was gone, out the door, chasing after Flame.
Chapter 5: Betrayal! Thought I wasn't gonna make it huh? Well hear it is! They seem to be getting better and better to me. What do you guys think? Plz comment and tell me of any spelling or grammer errors.

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
This is a purely fan-made story. This story can not be copied, edited, or used in any way, legaly, without my permission.
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