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Poke'Fusion- Skeleton by Kmn483
Mature content
Poke'Fusion- Skeleton :iconkmn483:Kmn483 0 3
Wurm- Poke'fusion by Kmn483 Wurm- Poke'fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 4 0 pokea fusions: Mewibi and Manachi by Kmn483 pokea fusions: Mewibi and Manachi :iconkmn483:Kmn483 3 4 Cracked poke fusion by Kmn483 Cracked poke fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 6 7 Croquileaf poke fusion by Kmn483 Croquileaf poke fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 2 4 Destu, the fusion by Kmn483 Destu, the fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 4 6
Crsd: ch.3
     I fell down on the muddy ground, as my lungs pleaded for air. My legs were tired and I knew that they would carry me no further. I could hardly move, as my body was sore, but I managed to lie in a comfortable position as I prepared myself for sleep. I was getting hungry, and thought that I should get something to eat before I rested, but I didn't have much of a choice, and before long I slipped into a world of dreams.
     ~The sun could not be seen, and all was dark, yet still somehow visible in the stormy night. Nearly a dozen wolves surround one young wolf pup as they closed in around him, ready to attack. Then, nearly to quick to see, he striked each wolf, one by one, breaking their skulls with a swipe of his claw and shattering several bones with each bite. Blood flowed like a stream as it was carried away by the rain and off to an unforeseen distance. The bodies lay still, all but the wolf pup's, as he walked to the nearest c
:iconkmn483:Kmn483 0 0
Pokea Fusion: Railos by Kmn483 Pokea Fusion: Railos :iconkmn483:Kmn483 3 4
Es, Ch. 21: A little bit of caring
A blurred voice called out, "Soria, wake up. Can you hear me?"
     Eight months have passed since Soria fell into her coma. Ember checked in on her regularly… or at least, she used to. Time had just faded away almost all hope that she had for her.
     A lot had changed in Ember's life during those eight months. Ember and Flame became mates, after finally realizing that they were each other's one and only true love, and Ember gave up on her job search, seeing as Flame could easily support the two of them. It was the first of those that Ember was thinking about as she lied in her bed with Flame, who was still sleeping. She recalled it perfectly, the story of how, a month ago, Flame and her became mates; however, her mind also wandered to what else happened that day.
     Ember was walking to the cabin where Soria was still being taken care of; Soliace was caring for her even after all this time, in her own
:iconkmn483:Kmn483 5 5
-MLP- Upon a Once Lonely Night
     Through the dark of the room a candle was flickering, as magic suspended it above an open book. A dark purple hoof shut the book closed and left it there upon her bed. The title read, "Once Upon a Lonely Night".
     The unicorn let out a sigh as she got up and left her house, extinguishing the flame and leaving the candle behind as she crept into the star-litten night. What a beautiful night it was... but it wasn't the night which was consuming Twilight's thoughts. No, only one thing would trouble her like this.
     She walked silently across the stone path, which led from her library-home, across a bridge and into the rest of ponyville. But she didn't travel all the way to town; merely stopped upon the bridge and sat down to watch the river flow beneath her hooves and reflect the moon's glow. She often came here when she felt like this, and tonight was no different. She was consumed by her loneliness.
:iconkmn483:Kmn483 0 0
Es, Ch. 20: Without Peace
     She reached home; still happy to share Flame's house; and searched for Flame. She couldn't find him anywhere so she went to his door and knocked… No response. Opening the door, she found him asleep on his grand bed, completely at peace. She was uncertain whether to wake him or not. After all, he had no sleep last night, but she figured that he should know immediately. So, reluctantly, she woke him.
     Flame wasn't angry; he was tired, but not angry; and he listened closely as Ember explained the fight that occurred between her and Soria and where she was at now.
Flame got out of his bed and Ember led the way back to the cabins where she left Soria. During the walk the rain stopped, as to be expected from the length of the journey, and Flame yawned while Ember's stomach growled; she still hadn't eaten anything.
     As they reached the two cabins Ember found Blue off the roof and not in sight, with th
:iconkmn483:Kmn483 4 0
Mature content
Es, Ch.19: Natures Fury :iconkmn483:Kmn483 4 0
Masked Fusion by Kmn483 Masked Fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 6 4 Leagon-Pokemon Fusion by Kmn483 Leagon-Pokemon Fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 3 5 Luxray King-Pokemon Fusion by Kmn483 Luxray King-Pokemon Fusion :iconkmn483:Kmn483 21 6
Mature content
Crsd: Ch. 2 :iconkmn483:Kmn483 0 0

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Poke'Fusion- Skeleton
Woah boy, did this little girl in a few hours. The story behind her is that she's a Pokémon that's been experimented on, heavily. Her augments hurt her severely and cause her to bleed as they grind against her natural body.  Front hooves were replaced with claws and her tail with a blade. She has a collar, anklet and tag all preventing her escape or misbehavior. Inside her body several vital organs and bones have been replaced with synthetics, and most notably, most of her head is either replaced or covered by metal plating and devices. 
The idea came from Cheetwo and Vexus of Corvid Katana / :iconmechanicalmasochist: , and as we know, pokémon have been created (Like polygon, ditto, and mewtwo) So perhaps they've been modified as well. 
The theme I've had when going through with this creation is pity. Just like an abused animal, I wanted the viewers to pity her. I made her thinner than the normally plump Girafarig, tear stains on her helmet/skull, and plenty of windows into her abuse-- broken leg, bleeding augments, and the eyes of someone who lost hope.
I apologize for making this one so dark-- especially for you animal lovers out there, but there's something so satisfying in taking something innocent like Pokémon and twisting it. Is that bad?

As always, original sprites and characters owned & (c) by Nintendo and the Pokémon company
Final creation owned and (c) by me
And please ask before using. -- It's no big deal if you want to, but I need to know.
Wurm- Poke'fusion
Finally I'm back with a new fusion! Been awhile, namely because I've buried my face in video games, and the few fusions I did work on, I've reached road blocks with. So here, have my newest monster, Wurm. I actually created this guy in one session the day after I tried sketching and failed at making manes (I don't draw much).

I also played around with a background for once. Like on the simple mythic legendary mashup, I didn't want a plain white background. Maybe I'll try transparent next time...

As always:
Art (c) by me
Original art and base characters: (c) by Nintendo and Gamefreak

Please do not repost, reupload, or edit in any way, shape, or form, without my explicit permission (just ask)!
And please comment below! Thank you for taking a look and reading this!


Kyle Nahas
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I'm Kyle. A young author and artist with a great inspiration from dragons and other fantasy creatures. At first I joined expecting to draw some stuff once my computer got fixed. But as time went on I knew I would never do traditional art. So then I got a little idea from some games and some friends here. I started making a Spyro fanfic. I don't work on it anymore, but it serves as a landmark of where I've come from. I don't know where I'll move on from here, I'm not very active on this site and barely work on anything creative anymore, but I still have a passion for it; one hidden behind a lack of inspiration and the difficulty of creation.

Simply put... I am not inspired to do anything on this site that I have in the past, nor anything I currently do (write rap)... but as much as I want to forget it all, a Quilava friend brought up the idea that some people may want to see my work continued. If anyone /wants/ to see my work continued, PLEASE comment on this. I feel very unrecognized for my art here, and do not want to expect something that drives me, and then not receive that satisfaction or reward for my enthusiasm.
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