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    In time Spyro left Dragon Village, maybe to save another realm, or perhaps to find a land with more dragonesses his age. Regardless, it left Ember with only Flame, which she couldn't date or even talk to since their break up. With no one left for her to talk to, Ember left, going to the nearby city of Spiritgrowth. There she found a job as a florist's assistant and became accustomed to the city, which was much larger then Dragon Village. She found plenty of boyfriends, though none really worked out well.
    One day Ember was out looking for blue roses when she came to a tan, white, and silver dragoness, about Ember's age, standing near some fast-growing, blue roses. Stopped immediately by the flowers, Ember stared, watching a couple dozen roses bloom to full growth in a garden. After the flowers grew the dragoness stood up and turned around to see Ember standing there.
    "Oh, hi; can I help you?" the dragoness said, as Ember still stared.
    "Um, well I was wondering if I could have some blue roses, they are quite hard to find around here," Ember replied, snapping to her senses.
    "Sure thing, just one minute," The dragoness said, kneeling and putting her hands over some grass, as it started to glow and change shape, turning into blue roses.
    "Wow that's amazing!" Ember said, picking the flowers. "How did you do that?
    "I've been able to do that since I was a kin, it's my form of an element," she replied, slightly blushing.
    "That pretty cool, well thanks, I have to go."
    "Bye then."
    "What's your name?"
    "Hm? It's Soria, and yours?" She asks, already back working.
    "Nice to meet you Ember but I have to go," Soria said, looking very satisfied at her work.
    "'k then, bye," Ember said, walking away with her blue roses in hand; though soon she found herself looking back towards Soria's gardens, with Soria nowhere in sight. "Where'd she go?" Ember asked herself. However she soon found out as she looked forward again, for off a distance she found Soria inspecting flowers, a distance to far to of walked in that time.
Ok first no, I didn't plan to use Soria in this story, but when I made her job be a florist's assistant, and i wrote blue roses (possibly my fav flower... ), i decided to chose Soria to be in it, it just flowed, so why not? And yeah. An introduction to Soria and the new life of Ember in Spiritgrowth. How did Soria get over there that fast? Hehehe....

If you see any spelling errors, tell me, I'd like to no, same goes with grammer. :)

Spyro (c) by Sierra
Flame and Ember (c) by Universal
Soria and story (c) by me
Spiritgrowth I don't care about....
blue roses (c) by god
FAN FIC! Fake, made by me.... yadda yadda yadda....

yadda (c) by creator :)
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March 8, 2010
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